15th International Extreme Walking Marathon KIERAT 2018
Application forms

Application forms

You may apply using the online application form or by post at the following address:
Biuro Turystyczne "LimaTur",
34-600 Limanowa, ul. M. Mordarskiego 6,
with the note KIERAT 2018.
The applications will be accepted till May 21 current year.
Any applications received after that date do not guarantee obtaining full services and may be accepted only after individual arrangements with the organizers.
The application becomes valid as from the moment of paying the participation fee.
The number of places is limited - 800 people.

Participation fee is 110 PLN per person and should be paid on the following bank account:
B.T. LIMATUR, 34-600 Limanowa, ul. M. Mordarskiego 6,
BS Limanowa 24 8804 0000 0070 0002 2552 0006,
The grid "payment title" should contain the name KIERAT 2018 as well as the name and surname of the participant the payment is made for. If one transfer is made for several participants (max. 3), their names and surnames should be specified. The participation fee for the participants with their own tCard, pCard, SI-Card6 or newer is decreased by 5 PLN. The participation fee shall be paid till May 21 current year.
The confirmation of payment should be presented at registration in the competition office. To pay the participation fee during registration, the participants are obligated to get the organizers approval (e-mail: kierat2004@wp.pl).

In case of resigning from the participation in the marathon you must immediately inform the organizers about it by filling in the resignation form, by phone or by email. In case of resigning before May 21, the participation fee will be refunded with deduction of 15 PLN handling fee. The participation fee for those who will resign after startlist closing is not refunded.